Friday, 23 March 2012

Mr Men & Little Miss T-Shirts

Selfridges & Co. is wonderful. Nobody can deny that. Even those people who absolutely detest shopping loves Selfridges. It has anyhthing and everything you need - books and bodyart (piercing and tattoo services - no really they do) to watches and wigs and all things in between like key cutting services, a pharmacy and even a personal gift gurus and style supervisors.

Please note, you can't buy a gift guru or style supervisor - these are human beings who, for a fee, offer very good advice on what you should or shouldn't buy or wear - think friendly Gok Wan rather than scary Trinny and Susannah. You won't be shoved in a cupboard full of mirrors in your all-together and made to confess that you've never felt loved or been told by anyone that you're beautiful.

On a recent shopping trip I spied these cute T-Shirts. Alas they don't do my size. I've said it before and I'll say it again - kids get all the fun stuff!

All Mr Men storybook t-shirts are £19.00
Made from 100% cotton
Click here to see the full range
(they also have amazing t-shirts with The Gruffalo and Mr Men and The Cat in the Hat baby-grows).

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