Monday, 19 March 2012

Fortnum & Mason - Gifts for children that gladden my heart!

Nursery Rhyme Biscuits - Pop Goes the Weasel

Nursery Rhyme Biscuits - Old MacDonald Had A Farm

Nursery Rhyme Biscuits - How Much is That Doggie in the Window
Okay, I know £9.95 seems a bit steep for a tin of biscuits. But think about the musical box you get to keep after you've gobbled up the contents! Every time you open the lid you'll get a musical rendition of your favoured nursery rhyme (mine's Pop Goes the Weasel). The delicious buttery biscuits are made with sweet heather honey (yum!) and are stamped with animal shapes and the Fortnum & Mason logo.

Famed for their Hampers, Fortnum and Mason even have one for children.Yours for just £40 - well you do get a basket for life!

The Children's Hamper

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