Sunday, 25 March 2012

Coco the Chick by Sloane Tanen

New York artist Sloane Tanen first came to my attention years ago when she was commissioned to do 'Chick' inside page of You magazine - the supplement that comes with The Mail on Sunday. 'Chick' was a series of dioramas (word of the day kids - definition: a 3D scene in which figures or objects are arranged in a naturalistic setting against a painted background). Here's an example:

...and another...

Charming aren't they, and incredibly funny! I was really sad when You stopped commissioning 'Chick'. It's Liz Jones who now has the back page. 

I love those little yellow chickens. They're made in China and have been around forever! I see them dotted around the place during Easter time. They're really cheap to buy and are great for decorating eggs, cakes or (like Sloane - really love that name) dioramas. 

Sloane has also created several books for adults and children using these yellow chickens. Coco is the star character in the children's books. It being nearing Easter I thought it'd be a good time to mention Sloane and her cute and comical chick creations that always make me chuckle.

Sloane Tanen's books are available to buy in bookshops and online.

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