Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Alice in Vanity Fair Land

A short piece on how Lewis Carroll's  Alice Through the Looking Glass (1871), the follow-up book to Alice in Wonderland (1865) encouraged Salman Rushdie to continue writing for children.

Rushdie has published two books for children: Haroun and the Sea of Stories (1990) and Luka and the Fire of Life (2010).

Vanity Fair - January 2012

I've got my 2012 calendar & top 12 picture books to look out for next year

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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Weekend Supplement Reading

My parents love reading newspapers everyday, and get about five papers on a daily basis (anything from The Mirror to The Observer). On the weekend it's a ridiculous six! I normally just have a quick scan of some of the pages and keep one of the weekend supplements for the TV guide and Sudoku puzzles. But this week there's been a few fun features on children's books and films.

Anthony Horowitz: hated prep school

Julia Roberts & Charlize Theron: Who's the biggest witch of them all?